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How GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter Can Resolve Your Battery Problems?

How GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter Can Resolve Your Battery Problems?

7 Best Portable Jump Starters 2021 (Top 7 Portable Jump Starters 2021)

We Like
NOCO GB40 Jump Starter
+ 1000 Peak Amps
+ Build Quality
+ Safety Precautions
- Battery Capacity
DBPOWER DJS50 Jump Starter
+ LCD Screen
+ 3 Year Warranty
+ Smart USB Port
- Charging Passes Slowly
Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter
+ 2000A Peak Current
+ Compatible USB Charging
+ Fastest Charging Speed
- May not Support Diesel Motors
HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter
+ Effective for Large-Sized Engines
+ Durable battery life
+ Impressive Display Features
- No Carrying Case
NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter Q9B
+ Lot of Mah Power
+ Torch Light with Modes
+ Fast Charging
- Only One Fast Charging USB 2.0
Clore Automotive Jump JNC660
+ 1700 Peak Amps
+ Jumper Clamps Quality
+ Quality Made
- No Air Compressor
TOPVISION Portable Car Jump Starter G26
+ Built-in Protection Circuit
+ Powerful Lithium Battery
+ 50 Jump Starts
- Not Suitable with Diesel Cars

“Are you planning for a long drive but worried that your old car battery might fail to start the engine? Or, while driving, your vehicle’s battery suddenly dies? If yes, then there is a ray of hope for you because GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter can be the ultimate solution to your problem.”

GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter for 4.5L Gas Engine 12V Auto Battery Booster Charger Portable Power Pack with Quick Charge In & Out Port, Built-in LED Flashlight, Red

We understand that your car’s battery may get dead for many reasons. It can pose a difficulty in providing the desired voltage to the car engine required to start it. Due to this, you may get stuck in difficulty, especially during long drives at night. If you fail to start the engine, you might pay the battery replacement charges.

However, you don’t have to worry because “GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter is here to solve all your problems related to the dead batteries. So, without further wait let’s know about the amazing features that this product offers.

Why Is The Gooloo Car Jump Starter The Best Choice To Start Your Car?

Suppose you are in a remote area and your car’s battery goes down. You might feel frustrated and start looking for someone to help you restart your car. On the other hand, if you have a jump starter like GOOLOO GP80 800A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter in your car, it will restart it within seconds.

This product includes everything you need in a jump starter. It is lightweight and designed for 12-volt battery vehicles and gas engines with 4.5L capacity. The GOOLOO GP80 jump starter works with vehicles like RVs, tractors and trucks in seconds. The old users of this product have found this jump starter very helpful in their difficult situations.

GOOLOO GP80 800A is small in size and lightweight. You can keep it easily in your car in your because it comes with a storage case. It also acts as an external battery for other electronic devices like mobile phones and torches because it has two USB ports.

Let’s get into the incredible features that make the Gooloo jump starter stand out in the crowd.

Amazing Features Of Gooloo Gp80 800a Jump Starter

You might not have used this jump starter yet, but you may be thinking of having one. After knowing about these features, I hope you will not think twice while purchasing it!

1. Compact Design and High Voltage

The GOOLOO GP80 jump starter is compact and very easy to handle. Due to its slim body, you can easily place it anywhere in your car.  It delivers an 800A current that is enough to start all your cars and heavy vehicles like trucks, jeeps, and tractors in minutes.

2. Charges Electronic Devices

GOOLOO Car Jump Starter has 2 USB ports of that are 5V and 9V. It also features a 3.0 USB port that serves as a quick charging point for electronic devices. You can charge three devices at a time with this jump starter, and it is the best travel partner for long journeys.

3. Powerful Emergency Light

Another feature of the GOOLOO Car Jump Starter is its built-in flashlight with high, medium and low modes. So, if you want to start the high mode you can long-press the power button. If you want to switch to the medium mode then press it once again, and press for the last time to turn on the low flashing. It can help you with outdoor adventures and traveling because it is a lifesaver device.

4. Security Assurance

Sometimes, your car might get damaged by a short circuit, overload, over current, overcharge, or overvoltage while jump starting. But, GOOLOO GP80 800A have solved this issue. Now your devices are safe because this jump starter is equipped with a smart jumper clamp to protect your devices from damage.

Pros And Cons Of Gooloo Gp80 800a Car Jumper Starter


  • 5 in 1 functionality
  • Can hold a charge for up to 6 months
  • Easy to charge
  • Fully charged in 3 hours


  • It does not work for diesel engine vehicles
  • Only work for 12V batteries

Tips For Using The Jump Starter

To keep the jump starter safe, try not to jump-start the car repeatedly in a short time. Follow these steps to use the jump starter properly:

  1. Turn on the power switch and wait till the blue indicators light up.
  2. After that, insert the blue end into the jumper cable interface.
  3. Connect the clamp to the battery terminals as given in the instruction manual.
  4. In the end, start the car ignition and remove the unit after cranking your car successfully.

Is GOOLOO GP8O 800A Peak Supersafe Car Jump Starter Waterproof?

No, this jump starter is not waterproof, and you should handle it with care while using it during the rainy season. Moreover, this jump starter produces a current to start your vehicle’s battery, so you should keep it away from water sources.

What To Do If I Lost The GOOLOO GP8O 800A Car Jump Starter Charger?

It is recommended to use the original charger while charging the jump starter. However, if you lost the original one, you can charge it with a 5V USB charger. You can also get a new one from the manufacturer.

Can GOOLOO GP8O Jump Starter Work With PT Cruiser?

Yes, this jump starter can work with a PT Cruiser. It delivers an 800A current that is enough to start all heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, jeeps, and ATVs. However, it is recommended to keep a jump starter that could deliver high voltage if you own a heavy vehicle.


To sum up, GOOLOO GP8O 800A Peak Supersafe Car Jump Starter can resolve the dead battery issue. It can help you to restart your vehicle in a few seconds. Also, it provides you with extra functions like charging your other devices and protecting your electronic gadgets, etc.

It is lightweight, easy to handle, affordable, and a reliable performer. It is equipped with a smart protection system: short-circuit protection, high-temperature protection, reverse connection protection, over-current protection, high voltage protection, and over-discharge protection.

Also, a smart jumper cable, a quick charge micro USB cable, kit bag, and user manual come with this device. I hope this review is helpful to let you decide which jump starter is the best to start the car with a dead battery.

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