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Should You Buy the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger in 2021?

Should You Buy the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger in 2021?

7 Best Portable Jump Starters 2021 (Top 7 Portable Jump Starters 2021)

We Like
NOCO GB40 Jump Starter
+ 1000 Peak Amps
+ Build Quality
+ Safety Precautions
- Battery Capacity
DBPOWER DJS50 Jump Starter
+ LCD Screen
+ 3 Year Warranty
+ Smart USB Port
- Charging Passes Slowly
Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter
+ 2000A Peak Current
+ Compatible USB Charging
+ Fastest Charging Speed
- May not Support Diesel Motors
HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter
+ Effective for Large-Sized Engines
+ Durable battery life
+ Impressive Display Features
- No Carrying Case
NEXPOW Battery Jump Starter Q9B
+ Lot of Mah Power
+ Torch Light with Modes
+ Fast Charging
- Only One Fast Charging USB 2.0
Clore Automotive Jump JNC660
+ 1700 Peak Amps
+ Jumper Clamps Quality
+ Quality Made
- No Air Compressor
TOPVISION Portable Car Jump Starter G26
+ Built-in Protection Circuit
+ Powerful Lithium Battery
+ 50 Jump Starts
- Not Suitable with Diesel Cars

“Dead batteries need not remain dead; let’s get them back up! Gone are the days when you need to consult a specialist before bringing dead batteries to life. Today, you can do that and even much more in the convenience of your home.”

Schumacher SC1281 100 Amp 30 Amp 6V/12V Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger 100A Engine Starter and 30A Boost Maintainer and Auto Desulfator Advanced Diagnostic Testing

What’s more exciting is the wide range of battery charger options available today. Which one should you buy in 2021? What’s the rating standard for battery chargers?

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger. We’ll walk you through its features and give you our honest opinion of the device.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it!

General Features Of The Schumacher SC1281 Starter

The Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger is one of the top products from Schumacher Electric Corporation. The company is a leading name, known for quality delivery in battery chargers, making automobile usage less stressful.

The Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger is an improvement of previous chargers from Schumacher. The device incorporates battery charging and the ability to jump-start automobiles to detect electrical problems in alternators.

  • Design and Build Quality

The device comes in a sleek black design with dimensions 11 × 10 × 8 inches. With a weight of 12.65 pounds, it is relatively lightweight. The Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger features a digital display that shows the voltage and percentage of charge and a big start/stop button to start or stop the charging operations easily. It has a portable size with an ergonomic handle for ease of moving it around.

  • Electrical Specifications

The Schumacher SC1281 Starter has a 100A ability to jump-start engines and a 30A for boost. It also features a voltage of 6/12V. The charger comes with a tech that automatically deciphers the type of battery being charged and the appropriate voltage required for charging. This makes it a smart device.

It has a maintain/charge capacity of 6<>2A. These culminate to make it a battery charger, a starter, and a maintainer!

  • Supported Battery Types and Automobiles

The Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger is versatile! It can charge a variety of battery types, including Standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle. Its starter feature can jumpstart several machines, including cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, boats, SUVs, trucks, ATVs, personal watercraft, etc. It can also bring dead batteries back to life.

  • Reverse Hook-up Protection

You don’t have to worry about the possibility of missing the polarity when connecting the Schumacher SC1281 Starter to your battery. With the reverse hook-up protection, the charger won’t work if the clamps are reversed (in the wrong position). This saves you from the risk of short-circuiting and possibly shock.

  • Smart Operation

As we said earlier, the charger works smartly with its built-in microprocessor that recognizes the right voltage for your battery and maintains optimum battery charge. You don’t have to bother about looking after the battery during charge. This device does that automatically. It charges the battery, maintains it at full charge, and then resumes charging again when the battery becomes discharged.

  • Battery and Alternator Tester

The Schumacher SC1281 Starter comes with an advanced diagnostic testing system that helps to reveal electrical problems that may be present in your alternator. The digital interface also displays battery charge levels, keeping you abreast of progress during charge.

A quick summary of all the highlighted features is as follows:

  1. Sleek design and lightweight
  2. Digital display of charging level and voltage
  3. 6/12V charge voltage, 100A battery starter, and 30A boost
  4. Supports a wide range of battery types
  5. Revive dead batteries
  6. Can jumpstart large batteries
  7. Reverse hook-up protection
  8. Built-in microprocessor for charge regulation
  9. An advanced diagnostic testing system

Ease Of Use

Electrical devices like the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger can be confusing when trying to operate, especially if you’re using it for the first time. To help with this, they come with a user manual to guide you when operating it.

However, you may find it a little confusing too when trying to study the user manual of this device. It does contain some terms that a first-time user would find hard to understand. Nevertheless, it’s no cause for alarm. You can easily check out some online videos to help show you some basic operations of the charger. It surely won’t break a neck!

Once you’ve become familiar with handling the device, you can easily put it to work for all you’d like to use it for.

Is the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger Good For You?

The Schumacher SC1281 Starter is a good device that does its work of charging your batteries and other incorporated functions. However, it does have its cons too. We noticed that the clamps of the device might not be as durable as you’d love them to be. It’s not like it isn’t good, but it’s not as strong as we expected.

That aside, our Schumacher SC1281 Starter Review has shown that this device would come in handy anytime you need to charge or jump-start your batteries. Besides, it would be quite embarrassing that your battery disappoints you on your way to work, and you don’t have a response at hand. As we highlighted above, we also noticed that the jump starter could bring back flat or dead batteries.

Today, the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger costs $79.94 on Amazon. This price seems very fair when compared to the offerings of this device. However, the decision to purchase it depends on whether or not it meets your needs and if its price falls within your budget.


Our Final Verdict

Based on our Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger Review, we found out that the charger does offer a good value for your money. Compared with others in its range and previous chargers from Schumacher, the Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger stands out for its improved qualities.

The combination of battery charging with jump-starting abilities is a huge plus for this device; talk less of the built-in microprocessor that makes it a better option. The charger does have its downsides – all machines do! We highlighted some; others may pop up as you start using it. Nevertheless, the Schumacher SC1281 Starter remains a cost-effective battery charger option in 2021.

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